Bringing Joy to the Game

posted on September 10, 2012

Bringing Joy to the Game

When I was playing in Serbia with the Partizan team, the fans came up with this funny slogan for me: “When Jan plays, we’re all joyful.” It’s a play on words because my last name, Vesely, means “merry, joyful or cheerful.”

And that’s one of the best things about my job. My teammates and I get to step out on the court, play hard, jump high, and take our talents to the edge—all with the hopes that our fans will go home happy. How many other people can say that about their jobs? Not many. I’m working hard every day to improve my skills so I can make my old Partizan fans—and my new Wizards fans!—proud and happy.

When I play, I hope we’re all joyful.